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What is it?

A life-changing small group personal training program for men who have lost their way with their fitness, and their waist line.

We know the results that you will get.  

Average weight loss is 1.5 stone in 12 weeks, with significant improvement in muscle definition. 



Mondays and Thursdays 06:00am  or 07:00am - from April 15 2024 until July 4 2024.

A new intake of the Men's 12 Week Transformation Programs begins every September, January and April.


Colwall Village Hall


24 intense small group strength training sessions with daily diet accountability and support - £999 payable in 3 monthly instalments of £333 or 6 monthly instalments of £166.50

Twice weekly intense strength training sessions with personalised daily dietary support and accountability from your highly trained and experienced strength and conditioning coach, Ben Essenhigh.


You will have daily contact with your coach who will ensure you reach your fat loss and strength goals.

All without giving up booze, chocolate and carbs.

Men’s 12
Week Transformation
in Colwall


Achieved in two strength sessions a week for 12 weeks 

44 year old

Pete before and after with age etc_edited.jpg


Pete before and after with age etc_edited_edited.jpg


46 year old

Jez before and after with age and weight_edited.jpg




The numbers speak for themselves. I lost just under 2½ stone and 3½ inches around the waist. I’ve therefore gone down 2 belt notches and can fit into clothes I haven’t worn for years and thought I would never wear again.
Roger, 44

Roger, 44

BenEssenhigh photo_RESIZED (1).jpg
Hi, I’m Ben and I’m a Strength & Conditioning Coach from Malvern

I have a degree in Sports Science and I’ve spent the last 8 years working in professional sport around the world, including working with Swim Wales, The Georgian National Rugby Team and Tokyo Sungoliath Professional Rugby Team

In my free time I enjoy walking my dog Percy, working out and training Brazilian Ju-jitsu.

I believe that everyone should be able to get access to high quality training support, not just elite level athletes. My mission is to use my knowledge and experience to help you be the best you can be.


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